Looking for the Spider Teapot?

Untitled Creature, white stoneware, 2014


Maybe you saw a picture of this guy on Reddit or Tumblr or Pinterest or somewhere else on the internet. 

So what's the deal with the spider teapot??

The spider teapots were a project I was working on in my last year of my BFA program. The design took a lot of trial and error and experimenting and eventually I showed the pieces as part of my senior show titled "Comfort/Discomfort" in 2012. You can see the rest of the photos from that show on my archive portfolio site


I later revisited the idea when I moved into my first studio out of college in 2014 and made the white stoneware piece with black glaze.

Where can I buy one??

I do not have any spider teapots currently for sale. My work has evolved from that project and have not been interested in exploring the idea further but have taken a few commissions for similar pieces since 2014. If you are interested in ordering a piece you can email me to see if my commissions are open at info@sarahduyer.com.

A few things about commissions:

  • The spider legs are very fragile!! I have shipped these pieces in the past and even with excessive padding there is always the possibility of breakage. I do my best to package them as safely as possible and add insurance but once the package is out of my hands I don't have much control. Pickup (SF Bay Area) is preferred.
  •  Because the legs are fragile the pieces are intended as decoration. The teapot itself is functional (has a pouring spout and lid) but I have not tried filling the pieces with water to ensure that the legs can support the added weight. Also, with regular handling comes the possibility of breakage so I wouldn't recommend using it as your everyday tea set.
  • Pricing for spider pot commissions start at $500 and vary based on size and complexity.

If you're interested in a commission please email me at info@sarahduyer.com