Fog City Ceramics Firing Services


Fog City Ceramics Firing Services

Fog City Ceramics at 1890 Bryant Street studios offers contract firing services for work made outside of the studio by non members. The studio has two Skutt kilns (7 cubic ft) available for outside firings, both with a maximum temp of cone 6. 


To organize drop-off of work please contact studio manager Sarah at


By firing with us you agree to the following terms and conditions:

-Fog City Ceramics is not responsible for fired results or damage incurred in firing. If glaze runs and damages kiln shelves customer assumes responsibility for replacement or repair of equipment

-Pieces will be loaded and fired as they are dropped off by the studio manager

-Pieces must be boxed and labeled with artist’s name, if you want work to be wrapped in paper after firing for transport it must be provided at drop-off

-No single firings or glazed greenware

-No flammable or meltable foreign objects in clay (paper clay, metal, etc)

-Work must be COMPLETELY bone dry for bisque firings

-No pieces with walls thicker than 1”

-Glazed pieces must be completely wiped on the bottom to prevent dripping. Additional fee of $1/piece applies for any items that need to be stilted or hung in the firing 

Fog City Ceramics reserves the right to refuse firing any work that does not follow these guidelines or is made from unknown materials



Firings are priced by full kiln, half kiln, or single shelf (up to 8” tall). We have two Skutt KM-1027 available for use with max space of 7 cubic feet (23” x 24”). For bisque firings we use the slow program (cone 05) and fast (cone 5) for glaze, unless otherwise requested. Long preheats or holds in the firing schedule may require an additional fee. Specialty firings such as luster (cone 018-016) require full kiln booking.


Shelf (up to 8”)

Half Kiln

Full Kiln

Low-Fire/Bisque (max cone 04)




Mid-Fire/Glaze (max cone 6)





You will receive an email or call when pieces are available for pickup. Turnaround times vary based on time of year and member schedule but can expect to be fired within 2-3 weeks. An additional $50 fee may be added for rush services. Any pieces not picked up within 30 days of completed firing may be discarded.

Payment is due at drop-off and we can accept check, cash, or zelle (


Firing services form can be found here